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File: Vengeance Status10-17-10
Is there any way you could add brok...
Posted By: Digren
Is there any way you could add broker support? I know I'll lose the filling bar, but the text ("x/4983") and the mouseover would work, and I'd get a floating bar off my screen. A config option to pipe the data to a broker display and hide your window would be awesome. Thanks!
File: Simple Buff Bars10-17-10
Originally posted by Setzer So, d...
Posted By: Digren
Originally posted by Setzer So, delete all this....... If so, that doesn't work. No, you deleted the function header and end as well. You need to comment out or delete the function body. If you delete the "function" and "end" lines then you also need to find every call to the function and comment those out, too.
File: Simple Buff Bars10-14-10
In SimpleBuffBars.lua, find the fun...
Posted By: Digren
In SimpleBuffBars.lua, find the function named UpdateTracking: function SimpleBB:UpdateTracking() Delete or comment out every line of the function. Doing so for me eliminated all errors and allowed SimpleBuffBars to operate as normal, except that it will no longer display what you are tracking. I can live with that.
File: DigsBagRename10-11-10
Originally posted by Ault Ah, wha...
Posted By: Digren
Originally posted by Ault Ah, what a shame. The reason I'd like to name my bags is that I do just that sometimes, moving full bags between my inventory and the bank... The problem is that I don't have a unique way to identify your bags except by the slot they occupy. If you had a different type of bag (Portable Hole, Dragon Hide...