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File: PhanxChat12-29-11
Real ID issues
Posted By: Westieitsew
I can confirm that the error still occurs with shift clicking a real-id friend. But my main issue has been the shortening real id names feature. I spent a several hours trying to resolve the issue to no avail. All the other functions appear to work, but the shortening of real id names. I have tested it without any other mods, del...
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro04-29-11
Re: Re: Trigger On Keydown
Posted By: Westieitsew
Originally posted by Fiercy It already envokes the keypress function. They have always been there, it's just blizz finally decided to toggle it just recently. Does it now?? Unless I have the box checked in the Bindpad window, the spells normally don't activate on keydown. I've had issues with the bindpad keydown option not func...
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro04-28-11
Trigger On Keydown
Posted By: Westieitsew
Any plans to utilize the new blizzard function for spell cast on key down?? Otherwise awesome addon been using it for awhile now.
File: Sniffles Buffs01-28-11
Nearly perfect addon for my UI, was...
Posted By: Westieitsew
Nearly perfect addon for my UI, was wondering though if adding Button Facarde support would be possible? Keep up the great work and thanks :D
File: shNameplates01-26-11
Posted By: Westieitsew
Was wondering it would be hard to implement the display of the Cast Name? Currently not a big fan of the cast time and would rather see the cast name instead. Thanks and btw great work. Awesome addon
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)10-24-10
Ranged Haste Percent
Posted By: Westieitsew
I was wondering if you could add a Melee and a Ranged Haste Percentage to the list of stats to choose from. As a hunter the ranged haste scope only applies to well our ranged haste. Otherwise thank you very much for continueing this addon :D
File: Satrina Buff Frames 306-22-10
Prayer of Fortitude Missing Icon
Posted By: Westieitsew
I've been using SBF for awhile now, love the addon. But after patch day today, I am missing an icon for the Prayer of Fortitude buff. Anyone know a fix or are having a similar issue? So far I have hit Clear Data under the Spell tab in the options. But no luck. Thanks :)