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File: Altz UI for Legion08-21-15
Hi author, can show me where did yo...
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Hi author, can show me where did you place your Big Wig Bars in your screen? I try the default which is at the middle and all the information from bigwigs cluster at the center screen. Make it hard to see. Would you mind show me where you put those big wig timers in raid environment?
File: Altz UI for Legion08-17-15
Hi, I love your UI, but can you...
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Hi, I love your UI, but can you include bigwig addon. Or how is it going to look like when in a raid environment? Thanks fellow monk.
File: OPUI12-23-12
with crippling posion and deadly po...
Posted By: Refrakt
with crippling posion and deadly posion on, it still prompt me for leeching poison in the middle of screen.
File: OPUI12-09-12
http://imgur.com/tVFzT After fol...
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http://imgur.com/tVFzT After following all your set up, My back ground of the combo look green. While your fit perfectly.:mad: I found that the Skada Skin Background color is shown too.
File: OPUI12-09-12
http://hpics.li/b89a891 http://h...
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http://hpics.li/b89a891 http://hpics.li/b89a891 The new update like combo point bar not skin? or I do something wrong :confused:
File: OPUI12-09-12
ok thank you. By the way, when m...
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ok thank you. By the way, when my rogue stealth, the action bar 1 does not change. Still show those skills that u drag to the action bar. It doesn't page for stealth bar. If inside Emper-Shaper Heart of Fear fight, when u become a Construct, do the main action bar change? Is that a raid cool down on the left hand side? Show...
File: OPUI12-08-12
http://hpics.li/8cb28b1 img not...
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http://hpics.li/8cb28b1 img not loading, so here is the http://hpics.li/8cb28b1 I installed it and follow all the steps. But my combo point appear on top of target unit frame. Small issues, I unlocked it and move it down to where it suppose to be. How can I add additional action bar? Find that 10 action bars is not enough. B...
File: RealUI01-19-11
Re: Re: DXE
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Originally posted by Nibelheim You do. I'll see about switching to DBM. It's a pain though, as it doesn't come with Ace Profile support, nor Account based saved variables, which means I'll have to manually configure it via code. DBM!!! yes, looking forward for it :D
File: RealUI12-08-10
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http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/8058/wowscrnshot120810141847.jpg I have a rogue and a priest. There is a stance bar but when i change shadow to holy, the first bar of action skill do not change with the stance. It like shadowform 1 = mind blast 2 = shadow word pain 3 = mind flay but when I drop shadow form (incase of emergency...
File: RealUI07-10-10
Really hope to see 0.5 Vetsion with...
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Really hope to see 0.5 Vetsion with dbm config before u calling it. A great ui, with nice config.
File: RealUI07-02-10
can we update DXE boss mod? will th...
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can we update DXE boss mod? will the config and skin stay?
File: RealUI07-01-10
Originally posted by Nibelheim...
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Originally posted by Nibelheim You can. I haven't included any options for DBM though, so you'll have to set it up. can u skin DBM? :)
File: RealUI06-30-10
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http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/5062/wowscrnshot063010224344.jpg the grid for 25 man like went down below my screen. how do i set it up properly? what is the 5 mean at my target? and what is the 0 27.5% below my frame? Can i use deadly boss mod instead of RXE?
File: SliceDice06-25-10
hmmm i think the evenom buff is not...
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hmmm i think the evenom buff is not always 5 sec... sometime u evenmon when it 4 combo point as such the code below is not exactly correct. Is there any remedy for it?