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File: KethoCombatLog02-04-11
Awesome addon- SCT announces would...
Posted By: Frae
Awesome addon- SCT announces would be amazing! I'm glad to hear you plan on adding them =) Just downloaded the most recent update- for some reason everything is working fine except Ketho isn't reporting any Deaths. I have "Deaths" enabled in the config. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch I don't know about?
File: VuhDo01-27-11
Re: Re: Re: Question: Description?
Posted By: Frae
Originally posted by Rammoth Thanks, so basically Vuhdo can and will do what Grid does, and then some. But will it do what Healbot does, and eliminate the need for the addOn known as Clique? Yep! I don't use Clique anymore either! But, Vuhdo is compatible with Clique- so you can either continue using it, or use Vuhdo's built in cl...
File: VuhDo01-26-11
Re: Question: Description?
Posted By: Frae
Originally posted by Rammoth Could you tell me more about this addOn and what it does so I can determine if it's better than Grid or anything else that is used as party frames, and that is able to function very well for healers? I was a Grid user for many years. 4.0.1 was a breaking point for me- I was using several Grid plugins an...
File: Proculas01-23-11
Nice addon.
Posted By: Frae
Awesome addon Clorell! Thank you for adding in the new "Remove Buff" feature- works perfectly. I'm having a problem with the most recent version of Proculas- I am using Button Bin (updated) and it looks like they may not be compatible? I'm including a screenshot so you can see the error I'm encountering. http://img40.imageshac...
File: VuhDo01-15-11
Re: Re: re: Custom Debuffs list truncating
Posted By: Frae
Originally posted by Iza Hi, the not-clickable issue has top priority right now. Hope you understand that. And rightfully so! I absolutely understand. And I hope I didn't come across as trying to rush you- I was just hoping the info would be useful to you. I know I keep saying this but Vuhdo is truly amazing. You're a godsend- tha...
File: VuhDo01-14-11
re: Custom Debuffs list truncating
Posted By: Frae
Hi Iza! First off thank you for the quick left click on debuffs fix! You're truly amazing. I'm posting in regards to my Custom Debuffs truncating problem (SS reposted because I know you have a lot on your plate to remember: http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/7159/custdebuff.jpg) I tried manually pasting my debuffs from my main...
File: VuhDo01-12-11
Re: Re: Re: Custom Debuffs
Posted By: Frae
Originally posted by Iza That's odd... I'll try to reproduce this. Thanks Iza! I'll check back here in the hopes of a solution and I'll also let you know if I find a fix. For now I think I'll try copying my Main's list into my Alt's SavedVariables and see if that forces the whole list to show. Thanks again. Vuhdo rocks <3
File: VuhDo01-11-11
Re: Custom Debuffs
Posted By: Frae
Hi Izza! Sorry to bother you again. I am having a new problem with Vuhdo- this time it involves my Custom Debuffs list truncating. I am using the same profile "Default" for my main and my alts. I have Custom Debuffs enabled and have added sixteen of my own to the list. I'm always on my main when I add them and she has no problem s...
File: Procodile01-05-11
Posted By: Frae
I absolutely *adore* this addon. It's perfect. Any chance we'll see an update soon?
File: VuhDo12-17-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: bug?
Posted By: Frae
Originally posted by Iza Looks like a glitch, fixed next update. Thanks for reporting. You're the best Iza! Thanks for taking the time to look into it <3
File: VuhDo12-16-10
Re: Re: bug?
Posted By: Frae
Originally posted by Iza Hi, thank you very much. Please go to options=>debuffs=>standard and uncheck "Removable". Thanks for the quick reply! The strange thing is... I *do* have "Removable" unchecked. And that part is functioning because, like I said, I can see curses which I *can't* dispel. I'm wondering if it's some kind of...
File: VuhDo12-15-10
Posted By: Frae
Amazing addon! I absolutely love it! Thank you for all your hard work! I am having one problem with my priest. The health bar colors are not indicating poison debuffs on my party members. I can see health bar changes for: magic/diseases (which I can dispel), poisons on myself (which I can dispel), and curses (which I *cannot*...