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File: Sound commands for every sound updated for MoP08-19-10
hey, has anyone been able to find t...
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hey, has anyone been able to find the sound that plays when you use the item "piccolo of the flaming fire"? i want to get rid of that annoying sound but i cant seem to find it :/
File: Aloft06-25-10
Originally posted by acapela ed...
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Originally posted by acapela edit: actually, i expect could fiddle just visibility using nameplate alpha (i.e. just visibility, not size or mouse sensitivity)... i will put this on my TODO and look into it. adding a "current target" option to the "Visibility" settings would probably be possible. in this case you would leave all n...
File: Aloft06-24-10
is it possible to show only my targ...
Posted By: flr64
is it possible to show only my targeted friendly nameplate? like, i have all friendly unit healthbars disabled, all enemy ones enabled, yet i want to see the healthbar for it whenever i target a friendly unit.