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File: nUI_InvisiSkin01-23-12
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz some help?i rly...
Posted By: Khromnos
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz some help?i rly want this addon :(
File: nUI_InvisiSkin01-17-12
Have you made sure that you have ch...
Posted By: Khromnos
Have you made sure that you have checked load outdated addons in the addon list on the character selection screen ? I just tested it fine 5 mins ago. yeah..and still not working :(
File: nUI_InvisiSkin12-14-11
its not working in nUI 5.07.24
Posted By: Khromnos
i just update my Nui to nUI 5.07.24 and InvisSkin its not worning anymore :(