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File: ncUI07-27-10
Posted By: iNoob
I'd love to ses an update for this fantastic suite, it's truly a perfect minimalist ui since it's very easy to customize. Thanks for Bringing this to us :) we. Need it for 3.3.5
File: Toughz Mage Arena UI (1440x900)07-11-10
Great looking overall but I've spotted 3 improvements that could easily be done ^^
Posted By: iNoob
1: Maybe make the micromenu mouseover, to make it look more clean :) 2: As a pixel-perfectionist I have to say that the upper actionbar needs to be a little wider. I'm sure you can do it you might just not have spotted it :P 3: I think the minimap needs a darker border to match the rest The overall look is nice and clean whi...
File: idActionbar07-06-10
Hi dude
Posted By: iNoob
Is this Addon still getting updated? It seems absolutely perfect for me but it simply doesn't work. It is the ONLY addon i have installed (Do I miss some dependencies?) I would greatly appreciate support/an update ^^ Bye for now :D