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File: SSPVP304-05-08
Re: various points
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I'm also seeing the issue where the PvP objectives anchor does not save its position from one session to another. Even if I reload the ui, it moves back to where it was when I logged in.
File: Scrolling Combat Text06-23-07
I'm a balance/resto druid. I s...
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I'm a balance/resto druid. I setup SCT using a modified Split Profile. One thing I'm noticing though, is that when my Nature's Grace buff wears off, I am seeing a message in both the SCT Message and SCT frames. I'm only expecting the - message in SCT Message. I even turned off all Events pointing to the SCT frame and it...
File: LightHeaded04-29-07
Originally posted by mrpel Works...
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Originally posted by mrpel Works perfectly with monkeyquest :P TY VERY MUCH! Save me SOOO much time alt tab look up then copy coords etc, dang ty again! What did you do to get it to work with MonkeyQuest? I loaded up this instead, but the LightHeaded window isn't showing up when I click on a quest name.
File: LightHeaded04-28-07
Has anyone been able to get this to...
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Has anyone been able to get this to work with Extended Quest Log? After I installed this addon, when I click on a Quest title my entire UI freezes. I have to control-alt-delete and kill the WoW process. Thanks!
File: PerfectRaid11-10-06
Would it be possible to have the tw...
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Would it be possible to have the two Druid spells, Regrowth and Rejuvenation , have different colored Rs? This way we can tell which one has been cast on a raid member. Also, could Thorns be added as a Buff that can be turned on and off also? Thanks!
File: PerfectRaid10-11-06
Originally posted by ZombieRoboNinj...
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Originally posted by [email protected] http://files.filefront.com/PerfectRaidzip/;6004262;;/fileinfo.html I received an error when I tried to unzip the files from this download. I attemped to then just copy the files from the PerfectRaid folder to replace the ones I already had, but I received errors from PerfectRaid...