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Re: Re: Party/Raid problem // New Border
Posted By: Spirituská
Originally posted by Rufio If you have Grid loaded my raidframes don't spawn. The border for the UF is created in this func --] local TopLeft = self:CreateTexture(nil, "OVERLAY") TopLeft:SetTexture(frameborder) TopLeft:SetTexCoord(0, 1/3, 0, 1/3) TopLeft:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", self, -4, 4) TopLeft:SetWidth(12) TopLeft:SetH...
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Party/Raid problem // New Border
Posted By: Spirituská
Hello, First I must tell, your oUF layout is very pretty, and i like it. But when I´am in party/raid I don´t see raid frame like grid but as a normal player frame (image here - http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/8246/oufparty.jpg - it´s one of party member) Please, where is problem? And I have second, not very important problem...