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File: Ara Broker Reputations10-14-14
As of the latest downtime, mouseove...
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As of the latest downtime, mouseover works fine however the broker bar header is not showing the currently tracked reputation. There are no errors thrown to add. I also have this issue that after changing zone or loading game no faction is shown. After going over it with mouse once you will see it. Its not dramatic and so i did no...
File: Ara Broker Reputations10-26-13
Re: Bug report
Posted By: altelulex
I made a simple workaround similar to your example. For now in the arena at rank 8 and higher you will see it as exalted. I will not try to fix this 10-rank-**** ... its not worth to do anything for only this one faction. have fun :)
File: Ara Broker Reputations10-24-13
Re: Bug report
Posted By: altelulex
Thx for report ... i will look to it next time i have time for it :)
File: Ara Broker Reputations10-03-13
Re: Broker feed is broken for Nat and Tillers
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Hello It shows correctly when I mouse over the Broker feed in Bazooka but the feed that updates on broker (Bazooka) bar still shows as hated, unfriendly etc. Like I said it shows correctly with in the list that appears when I mouse over but not on the data feed to Bazooka. Cheers Thanks in advance :) I see the problem...
File: Ara Broker Reputations09-24-13
Posted By: altelulex
I had some time today to look for the issue. It was part of a change to the handling with "friends" like nat pagle. I fixed it and now the text is like "stranger" or "best friend" depending on reputation whith the friend. Upload should be there in some minutes ... have fun :)
File: Ara Broker Reputations09-16-13
ok i will try to reproduce and fix...
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ok i will try to reproduce and fix if the problem is part of this addon.
File: Ara Broker Reputations01-22-13
There is a problem with the addon,...
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There is a problem with the addon, it do not work anymore when updating reputation with the item "Grand Commendation" who give you 100% rep pts bonus. Thanks :) I made an update today to fix this ... feel free to test it.
File: Cellular09-19-12
For me it works perfectly. About 40...
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For me it works perfectly. About 40 Addons running and no conflict and i can response and whisper to all of my friends (and enemies of course) .... BIG thanks to all who helped fix it ... there is no better addon to whisper. mfg altelulex
File: Cellular07-10-10
I also had a lot of times an error...
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I also had a lot of times an error like the one of Shadowlady. I testet with all addon deactivated and just in one case the error message pops up. If i chat whith a buddy from the battle.net friendlist the game crash when i log of or even leave game directly. Hope you can fix it. mfg lulex