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File: Poisoner07-25-10
When applying poison,there is alway...
Posted By: peja
When applying poison,there is always a troublesome Static Popup Button. Is there any way to solve the problem?
File: Vanisher07-25-10
Thanks !! It do works with OmniCC....
Posted By: peja
Thanks !! It do works with OmniCC. I'm using a lot of Stand-Alone Addons, so whenever an addon dose not work, what I can do is just try another. I'm not English-speaking, just forgive my poor English please.
File: Vanisher07-10-10
Great job! What cooldown timer wor...
Posted By: peja
Great job! What cooldown timer work with this addon? I tried some addons, like occ,zcc,etc. But it seems dosen't work, by the way, I use Macaroon! .