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File: wMmap12-01-11
Re: Unlock / Lock
Posted By: arkih
I am unable to access any settings using the "/wm" command. Specifically "/wm unlock". I type it in and nothing happens not even an error message and map remains locked. Yes, same for me - no errormessage but no response from the addon UPDATE: It seems that the /wm command is blocked by wow itself. I madea test with deactivat...
File: wMmap10-13-10
Posted By: arkih
I got the following error message when loggin in to WoW: wMmap-6.3\wMmap.lua:204: attempt to index global 'MinimapPing' (a nil value) I already deleted the addon and the setting and reinstalled everything. In addition the Slash-Commands are not working anymore, so the minimap is stuck in the upper right corner with everythin...
File: wIn110-11-10
Hi, I mentioned a few days ago,...
Posted By: arkih
Hi, I mentioned a few days ago, that the "reputation switch" feature is not working anymore. It worked 1-2 updates ago very well - can you check this please ?
File: DocsNameplates07-21-10
ok, I find the Addon good - but the...
Posted By: arkih
ok, I find the Addon good - but there are a few things that are disturbing me. Please correct me - if this is already possible: - I see to much - no really - the range where the Names are shown are greater than before. No way to set down the range. - I can only difference between "friendly" and "hostile" units - but not beween...
File: DocsNameplates07-14-10
regarding lags
Posted By: arkih
Hi, I expirienced the same "thing". When I first acitvited the new addon I mentioned a slightly FPS-Drop, but the worst case was when entering the first time Gundrak (with the 100 neutral Snakes on the Ground) - in this moment the performance drops from 60 to 1 Oo I have a pc with gforce 285, 6 gb Ram, etc - this should not be...