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File: DerpyUI (alpha)07-27-10
How to make a two 12-button bars?i...
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How to make a two 12-button bars?i mean one main bar and bar "laying" on it? Included layouts are big for my 17' monitor( smth like this: two big chat frames and two bars (sorry for bad english & mad skillz) вообщем 2 строчки кн&...
File: LiteStats07-19-10
Re: Re: Attach a panel to a stat
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Originally posted by Katae If you'd like to use a panel instead of the mail module, you can disable the mail module and use a panel looking something like this: { -- any panel attributes here. OnUpdate=function(self, u) if HasNewMail() then self:SetAlpha(1) else self:SetAlpha(0) end...