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File: infMopTalentMacros10-23-13
As of the past few days I'm getting...
Posted By: sidelsky18
As of the past few days I'm getting spammed with "TalentMacros: Macros will be updated when you leave combat." while I'm in combat. That's not this addon causing that, sounds like you might have the 'TalentMacros' addon installed? http://www.wowace.com/addons/talentmacros/ Whoops! My bad!
File: infMopTalentMacros10-20-13
I did actually consider adding a ch...
Posted By: sidelsky18
I did actually consider adding a check for if-in-combat originally, however as you can't actually learn nor unlearn talents in combat I never bothered. Which on the other hand makes me quite curious as to how you managed to produce that error. I've been using this addon since I made it and I've never encountered an in-combat error...