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File: We Don't Wipe10-18-14
I have placed the Windwalkermonk.lu...
Posted By: Beatrix
I have placed the Windwalkermonk.lua file in the modules folder of Wedon'twipe and it still says the dependency is missing. SO the addon is not working. It is only the lua file that goes there right? Please help
File: MetaMap10-16-14
Any documentation available?
Posted By: Beatrix
Is there any documentation available as to how to access the different features? Also does this addon allow you to set coordinates by clicking on the World map with an arrow that guides you to them such as what Carbonite had? The addon looks great and thanks for the great work.
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)12-29-13
Hi all. First of all I love your a...
Posted By: Beatrix
Hi all. First of all I love your addon. Second, I was wondering whether or not it is possible to add the Guild name to allies underneath the bars and also to show only the character name in letters (no health bar) for allies also. I don't really know anything about lua code so I am not certain if it is even possible or not. Tha...