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File: Execute Overlay01-03-11
Originally posted by Codex Can yo...
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Originally posted by Codex Can you add support for fire mages (35%)? Should be working now with 1.2 :)
File: Santa UI Textures01-01-11
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Originally posted by 2hektik I like the dark textures. The only problem is you can't see if the mob is tagged by you or some else. Ah right, in my UI the names change color to grey if the target is tapped by another player. I'll upload a fix in the coming days :)
File: Santa UI12-24-10
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Originally posted by supaglitch Thanks ! Anyway, how do you show the XP bar ? cuz it looks like its hidden now... Hm, it should be visible as long as you are not max level.
File: Santa UI12-20-10
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Originally posted by supaglitch Hi, Just DLed the addon, and i love it ! But, i would like to know how to get the Health bar class colored ? I removed those cause they were eating so much CPU power, and instead made names class colored. If you check my reply 2 down there is a link to an addon that does that if you still w...
File: Santa UI12-05-10
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A new version should be up tomorrow in time for leveling. I did a lot of work on performance with this update, and as a result the UI now uses less than 1/100th of the CPU it did before (from ~1% in combat, down to 0.01% on my computer). One of the main culprits behind the CPU usage was the class colored healthbars. I replaced tho...
File: Santa UI11-16-10
Originally posted by Betonz Good...
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Originally posted by Betonz Good :) Edit: Maybe it's just me but in 1.5.1 it still disappears when I drag my spells around actionbars. Edit2: Ehm..have u removed 1.5.1 from repo? Coz I'm a bit confused. I'm quite sure that it was 1.5.1 this morning :) Not uploaded any files yet sorry, I just added the changelog so I would...
File: Visual Execute Range11-15-10
I'll be taking another look at this...
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I'll be taking another look at this soon. Was just an idea I had and threw it together quite fast :P GetPrimaryTalentTree() is a good idea :)
File: Santa UI11-14-10
Originally posted by Betonz Thx f...
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Originally posted by Betonz Thx for the update. I've noticed one strange thing (prolly it isnt ur fault tho). Using black textures for the actionbars, once you move from your spells from the bars the black texture disappears and you I have to reload ui in order to get it back. The same thing actually happens with default t...
File: Santa UI Textures11-12-10
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- Added vehicle unitframe textures. - Added combo points textures. - Added textures for the new raid frames.
File: Santa UI11-12-10
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- Fixed a bug where exiting a vehicle in combat would break the actionbars. - A working fix for the Watch Frame (Quest Tracker) has been integrated into the addon. You can remove the "MoveQuestTracker" addon. - Fixed the XP and reputation bars for both max level, and lower level characters. - All standard buttons around the minima...
File: Santa UI11-04-10
Originally posted by Betonz Thanx...
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Originally posted by Betonz Thanx for the update. I've been testing it for a while and everything seems fine. /salute Edit: Just the annoying "?" on the actionbars when you have some spells not bound. (But I think its Blizz issue) Ye I don't think those are my fault :( If you open "Actionbars.lua" and change the line at...
File: Santa UI11-02-10
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- Unitframes should not break after using vehicles (tested on 4.0.3 PTR). - Added a 4th actionbar at the bottom (or rather, moved one of the actionbars from the right side of the screen there). - Quest Tracker should not overlap with the micro menu if you enable the "MoveQuestTracker" addon. More info about this in the description.
File: Santa UI10-21-10
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I don't have an active account atm, so testing has been very limited for 4.0 :( I'll have more time on my hands in a few weeks and I'll take a real look at everything and try to get stuff sorted again!