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File: shUI (1920x1080 optimized)09-12-10
Awesome news !! i'm guessing it wil...
Posted By: Eladorr
Awesome news !! i'm guessing it will be in the Config.Lua? but i cant find it & im new to this but am mighty willing to get my hands dirty ifit means i get to have this bad a*s ui. Any idea what ratio it will likely be or any kind of tips cus i have 4 toons i play and if i cant do it all at once might be annoying xS? Btw love...
File: shUI (1920x1080 optimized)09-12-10
Posted By: Eladorr
Amazing Ui, is there a quick and easy way to resize this bad boy to 1400x900? Would be amazing if it could be sized down. Mucho love. Ela
File: Duffed UI v509-03-10
Re: Re: one question..
Posted By: Eladorr
Normally u wont lost any fps with Tukui .. try to enable specific parts of the UI in config.lua like tooltips etc .. if u find the ..evildoer.. let me know it please. I didnt know where to start with enabling particular things so i did a fresh install and it seems to have worked. might have been my mistake. Thank you anyway.
File: Duffed UI v509-02-10
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Thank you for this amazing ui, Since ive done a clean install my frame rates have dropped from 45+ in WG to 11 even though the settings are all min.. any one else got the same/ ideas?
File: ElvUI08-22-10
Hello again, Thank you for the Raid...
Posted By: Eladorr
Hello again, Thank you for the Raid frame fix. how would one go about changing the font. its something i really dont like about this ui. and its the only thing <3
File: ElvUI08-21-10
Well, FIRST- the Raid frames freak...
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Well, FIRST- the Raid frames freak out when in a bg/ raid with more then 25 players, was dual layering and double dipping. Other then that pretty darn sweet <3 tyvm
File: Mono UI08-15-10
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Amazingly minimalist with all the need to know stuffs. Thanks for the upload! Might just be me but the /pvpon command doesnt seem to be working. Or are they Arena based addons. Regards Eldorr
File: Arp UI08-07-10
Awesomeness !!!
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Thank you so much for this amazingly purdy and smooth UI. I havnt been so inlove with one for a long time ! one thing. It works amazingly with my main machine, but when im about i play on a Laptop with a crap 1280 x 800 res. is there a way i can Scale the whole ui down to fit it? im not so good with Lua coding but if there was a way...