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File: WoWI Mod Uploader10-14-12
This supporting Curseforge would be...
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This supporting Curseforge would be fantastic. I'd stop forgetting to upload my addons here when I update, because I can couple this with the 'branch/tag' I already do locally to my repos.
File: Van32's CombatMusic10-14-11
Version 4
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Finally uploaded version 4 to WoWInterface! The addon can now discern between your target and your focus' target, so you can choose which one it should prefer for boss checks! All the settings can now be changed through slash commands! Lots of efficiency improvements! Be sure to check out the new features of CombatMusic!
File: Van32's CombatMusic04-13-11
Originally posted by Byakko OH my...
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Originally posted by Byakko OH my god, this is just when I'm working on my Pokemon and Okami UI ideas! :D Question; is it possible for it to detect if you're fighting a player? It's more for my Pokemon UI idea, where I can put the encounter music and the boss encounter music separately for when you're in a PvP situation or a PvE...
File: Van32's CombatMusic03-20-11
Originally posted by Requiescat N...
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Originally posted by Requiescat Nevermind =) I looked through your code, and I get it now, thanks to the amazing comments you made. You write absolutely delightful code. You know, no one has ever told me that my code is even so much as readable... *shies away from.* Thanks :D
File: Van32's CombatMusic02-20-11
Originally posted by Muscular Beave...
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Originally posted by Muscular Beaver Is it possible to turn off the WoW music when using this addon? I already tried turning down the volume, which works like 50% of the time, but it also sometimes suddenly starts the WoW music in normal combat (I only have Combat Music in boss fights) and keeps it at maximum volume so that I have...