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File: StealYourCarbon06-04-08
I wiped my WTF/WDB folders, no chan...
Posted By: tofagerl
I wiped my WTF/WDB folders, no change. Then I wiped the Interface folder and installed just the addons I really need, and the addon went down to a few kb. No idea which addon conflicts, but I'm happy ;p Oh, and I got AddonLoader, thanks for the tip!
File: StealYourCarbon06-02-08
Huge memory usage
Posted By: tofagerl
According to PerformanceFu, SYC uses 14.15mb of memory. When I uncheck the addon, PerformanceFu claims that the total used by all addons shrinks by about that amount as well. I don't know if it's some libraries only used by this addon, or if there's a bug somewhere, but I have stopped using it for now.
File: MikScrollingBattleText07-11-07
Number of debuffs
Posted By: tofagerl
I am trying to replicate the "Full sunder" message from Scrolling combat Text. Is there any way to make a filter that counts the number of application of a debuff? What I want is a message on 5xSunder Armor