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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)03-13-14
Re: Re: Missing options
Posted By: Vaniboo
When entering a text string for " " it displays the current HP fine, then adds "...". I assume this means the infotag for New Line , is incorrect? But the infotag guide seems to indicate should work, and by default, another text line uses . (Though I have unfortunately deleted that line to edit it to some other function. The...
File: AfterCombatText05-12-11
Hi, to change text size try this:...
Posted By: Vaniboo
Hi, to change text size try this: COMBAT_TEXT_HEIGHT = 25; and i changed 1 more thing CombatTextFont:SetFont('Interface\\AddOns\\AfterCombatText\\eurostile.tff', 100, "OUTLINE") thanks to the outline the text looks smooth.
File: SexySound(vocal alert of spell cooldown finishing)02-25-11
Posted By: Vaniboo
Hi, this is so awesome, i was just missin so much tts, and you give us this :) i really love you <3 Now, i have just 1 question, how can i turn the volume up for the addon voice? (pls dont tell me i ve to set the volume up for all the sounds on the game, cuz i use headphones) tyvm!
File: Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech02-25-11
Pls update
Posted By: Vaniboo
This addon was the most usefull mod for me on raids, bein a tank and a raid lider is not easy if you ve to pay attention to guildmates and boss timers all the time, to get an audio confirmation about the next boss ability was awesome, really helped me to manage stress :D so pls =( update
File: TipTac12-27-10
font size delta
Posted By: Vaniboo
hi, i love ure addon :) I was playin with the font size delta option, i really like it, but there is a problem with it, if u set it too high, it makes the item comparison tooltip smaller so you cant read it :( (i mean the tooltip you get if you hold shift over an item on youre inventory) I hope you can fix this ;) tyvm
File: Prospect Easy07-29-10
Posted By: Vaniboo
ty so much! i ve 3 alts on mining, and 1 JC, so it was like a nightmare to do 999999 clicks on prospecting, then click on ore... so annoying great addon! :D
File: ChronoBars07-27-10
visibility and animation menus are not enable
Posted By: Vaniboo
Hi, i started using your addon today, i think its great, but somehow i cant use the visibility or animation menu from style. why? :(