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File: AltUI(BlizzArt)05-01-11
Okay so couple things with 4.1 mess...
Posted By: Nilanius
Okay so couple things with 4.1 messed up this addon. Those are the main menu (hitting esc to bring up) looks messed up, and the bag button will open but not close all bags. I've fixed the main menu though by going into the lua and deleting the following items: self:SetupGameMenuHelpButton(); and: function BlizzartUI:Setup...
File: Total RP (English version)10-14-10
Originally posted by McCarronXLD...
Posted By: Nilanius
Originally posted by McCarronXLD Doesn't work for me after the patch :( nothing on it is clickable and the little panda button is gone. Getting a bunch of errors from it too. Same, I hope this guy will update it.
File: Total RP (English version)08-14-10
report spam option disappears
Posted By: Nilanius
seems this addon has an issue with blizzard's ui, where we can right click spammer names and have the report spam option. The issue is that the addon seems to remove the report spam option. That's just no good and we really need a fix for this.
File: Give Me Peace07-31-10
been having problems
Posted By: Nilanius
For me this addon isn't blocking people that aren't on my friends list or guild list. I went on an unguilded alt, my friends list is completely empty, and people in trade, general and user channels were able to whisper me. Is there any kind of fix for this? edit: ok I narrowed down the issue kind of, apparently it's conflicting wi...