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File: BugSack08-05-10
disables clicking on bars in combat
Posted By: damela
hello i have a question i was having problems with my ui so naturally i pick up buggrabber to help and now with it enabled i cant click on me action bars it only allows me to press key binds i have come to the conclusion it this addon by turning all of my addons off then back on one by one to see which one it was and its this one but...
File: Dominos08-05-10
can't clik
Posted By: damela
i figured out what it was. By systematically turning all addons off. Then one by one turning them on it turn out it has nothing to do with your addon it was !bugGrabber that was messing it up. Although i don't know why that is I'm going to post there to try and figure it out thanks again for the help!
File: Dominos08-04-10
clicks dont work?!?!
Posted By: damela
hey I'm not sure if this is a problem I'm having all by myself or lots of folks. but when ever i enter combat and the try to click on any of my spells with out using keybinds i can't at first i thought it was just my non bar 1 spells but then i realized i was just casting those like i always do with the num buttons i had to get out o...