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File: wBind12-09-10
Well played.
Posted By: Eatshtndie
Nice work. Even if there are others to bind keys to spells, all of them are too heavy for that sole purpose. This one reminds me of the good 'ol quake 2 ctf days and hours spent tweaking the config.cfg ;) Not having to alt-tab/toggle windowed mode in WoW to edit your char's bindings cache is very handy. Also, other addons I t...
File: AzCastBar Plugins09-02-10
Thank you very much, how simple was...
Posted By: Eatshtndie
Thank you very much, how simple was that... I feel suddenly kind of stupid ;) Any luck with the runes plugin?:cool:
File: AzCastBar Plugins09-01-10
Hellow everyone! I tried to look...
Posted By: Eatshtndie
Hellow everyone! I tried to look for it in the posts but it seems like nobody asked about it. Is there any "Runes" plugin or is it in progress? Would be nice. Also, how do you pass on lootrolls ? I've been looking in the settings but found no way to hide/display the "X". Thank you :)