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File: SliceCommander12-24-14
Couple questions
Posted By: Foxfire15
Any chance we could get expiration alerts added for Revealing Strike? (Similar to what we have to Rupt and SnD already) Also, don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but since 6.0, the Mario Mod sound (and some others at times) has been distorted / playing several times at the same time, but slightly off. Perhaps an issue...
File: SliceCommander08-29-12
The issue should be fix now. I apol...
Posted By: Foxfire15
The issue should be fix now. I apologize for the inconvenience. Everything appears to be working properly for me again. Thanks!
File: SliceCommander08-29-12
Not working
Posted By: Foxfire15
Can't get the addon to start in 5.0.4. was having some issues with addons, so I disabled everything. as I was having some other problems, I've since deleted the WTF folder & all my addons. Reinstalled SC, and I get nothing when enter the game world. the /slicecommander command does not report and error, but it doesn't give my the gui...
File: SliceCommander02-01-12
AR timer
Posted By: Foxfire15
If possible, could you adjust the music for AR to take into account the 4 piece bonus of the current tier? it's weird having it cut out 3 seconds early. Not sure if the timer is counting it correctly either since I play by sound most of the time.
File: SliceCommander12-16-11
I can't see why it can be useful. R...
Posted By: Foxfire15
I can't see why it can be useful. Reveling Strike should only be use when you have 4 combo points. If you miss your RS, You will still be at 4 CP. If your RS actually Hit the target the timer will not be an issue because you will Evi or Rupture ASAP. Please do add this. Yes it supposed to only use only at 4CPs and that's all good an...
File: SliceCommander02-09-11
No sounds
Posted By: Foxfire15
So, I just reinstalled my PC, and of course, WoW, and I'm not getting any of the 3 second warnings on slice and dice or rupture. other sounds seem to be fine though. Only other addons are DBM and Recount
File: SliceCommander10-15-10
Possible addition to the addon.
Posted By: Foxfire15
Just wondering, would it be possible for you to add an alert for when the mob hit's 35% hp? With the new backstab talents and glyph in Assassination, it's actually useful again. I for one can't stand playing with percentages as I like to know exact numbers (I'm weird like that I guess) and would find some sort of audio alert to be ex...
File: SliceCommander09-20-10
Well, the gist of it is this. The W...
Posted By: Foxfire15
Well, the gist of it is this. The WTF folder contains all the different saved values for addons and the like. (preferences etc). If of these values isn't used, or is used differently between 1 build of the addon and the next, I suppose it could potentially cause all sorts of strange issues. Originally posted by Tomate...
File: SliceCommander09-16-10
Re: Re: FPS issue
Posted By: Foxfire15
Originally posted by Tomate I always use this addon in raid and in party and I never encounter this issue. Can you test this without any others addons enable? Update:Ignore below. Clearing my WTF folder seems to have cleared things up. Figure I must have had some residual data of some sort floating around in there msessing thi...
File: SliceCommander08-08-10
FPS issue
Posted By: Foxfire15
I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but when the timer bars come up (say, SnD) my FPS goes from a constant 50ish to about 12-20. Running on a rather nice PC, and I can't see anything else that would be affecting it. Love this addon, so I was wondering if anyone had some insight into the issue.