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Originally posted by Extracrispy Nice addon, but there's no way to position the bars where you want them. That's a pretty big problem, in case you don't want both the bars and the warnings sitting on top of each other in the dead center of your screen. I agree completely, this kinda breaks the addon. As of right now I only hav...
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Originally posted by Goldpaw Interesting and weird. I have tons of theories as to what can have caused the problem, and none of them are very helpful. Anyway, nice that it works! :) Move the frames to the top of the Minimap? You're one of those that have the Minimap at the bottom of the screen? Sure, that can be done. I can easi...
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Originally posted by Goldpaw gStats position it's 2 frames right under the Minimap object on the screen. To see if your UI is doing something uncommon, you can try the following 2 commands to test if your Minimap is THE Minimap; /run Minimap:Hide() /run Minimap:Show() If that shows and hides the Minimap, then that's not the...
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Not Showing
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The stats panel is nowhere to be found in my UI. It may be hidden off the screen somewhere but I don't see any commands to reset it to the center of the screen so I can move it elsewhere. It is also not attached to my Minimap. For reference I am playing at 1920x1080 and am using Chinchilla Minimap. Almost everything in the UI i...