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File: Molinari01-22-12
Holy Crap
Posted By: psycedelic
Downloaded the addon today and already in love in'it.! Very very nice addon and the glow effect also works with Elvui onebag mode!
File: BossEncounter312-15-11
Posted By: psycedelic
I dont understand which part of your screenshot that is the addon.. :(
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks11-23-11
Upcomming v3?
Posted By: psycedelic
Will you re-write your addon for the upcomming v3 that elv is coding atm?
File: FasterCamera11-18-11
Posted By: psycedelic
Its okey :) i just love the addon and happy to report :D i will now update the addon to latest version of yours. And in the future i will use the bug report feature. Since the latest update.... WOW ERROR AND IT DOSENT SAVE THE VARIBLES FOR MAX CAMERA DISTANCE!!!! Sorry Psycedelic, I made an error while adding new variables t...
File: FasterCamera11-18-11
Posted By: psycedelic
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks11-15-11
I sometimes cant see
Posted By: psycedelic
Not sure if its this addon that causes me not to be able to se /s /p after awhile. Ive tryed to turn most things off but after awhile i suddenly cant see /say nor /party chats How do i know i cant? I see the players chars to the talking move without seeing any text. (Can anyone else confirm this?)
File: Working oUF_NecroStrike11-09-11
Re: Ah nice!
Posted By: psycedelic
Think it works!!!!! got dammit, thats very nice! Finaly its updated. got a question (since my servers are still down) Does it work with Elvui? (i think it should) but it dosent hurt to ask. Added and Edited. Not sure where to add this in Elvui since he rec...
File: Working oUF_NecroStrike11-08-11
Ah nice!
Posted By: psycedelic
Finaly its updated. got a question (since my servers are still down) Does it work with Elvui? (i think it should) but it dosent hurt to ask. Added and Edited. Not sure where to add this in Elvui since he reconstructed his folders, lua, xml files. but im gonna give it a try in "\addons\ElvUI\modules\oUF_NecroStrike" with...
File: stAddonManager11-08-11
Posted By: psycedelic
This addon is crazy sick! I love your addons, really i do!
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks10-25-11
Thanks alot
Posted By: psycedelic
Thanks alot for clarified for me. Greatly appreciate it
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks10-24-11
2 Questions.
Posted By: psycedelic
1 - Added Auto Profession Link module to automatically link a given profession upon request. 2 - Added guild invite link ability to the Invite Links module, only active if you can invite to guild. 1. How does the proffesion modul works? 2. Is this a rightclick thingy?
File: Ghost: Recon: Continued10-14-11
Top/Left align for icon
Posted By: psycedelic
Hey there, really love this addon but what i miss now. Is for it to remember or add top/bottom or left/right align for the icons to be saved. Greatly appreciate this addon.
File: ElvUI - Movable Actionbars09-27-11
Why not RaidDps layout?
Posted By: psycedelic
ElvUI_RaidHeal ElvUI_Config ElvUI No modification to DPS layout? i dont play with the heal layout so will it still work? And Elv's current version on github is 2.3.2 i guess it works with that one also.
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks09-18-11
This is like
Posted By: psycedelic
The most wicked extra addon for Elvui there is! im totally in love now!!! very very nice work
File: Clean Icons - Thin09-15-11
Love your icons with Atemi and Elvui muuuched all thogether!
Posted By: psycedelic Very happy! thx for this awesome icon pack :)
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks09-14-11
Originally posted by Ysondria Doe...
Posted By: psycedelic
Originally posted by Ysondria Does someone know the name of the font of the picture posted below? Elvui-alt font (can be found in Media settings @ /ec)
File: Group Gamble09-14-11
This addon
Posted By: psycedelic
Is made for those who have boring in a normal heroic with friends. I would use this addon to spice it up a little (but i dont go to heroics) Seems like a fun addon to maybe earn some penny on your friends in a speed run za or wipe run in zg :banana::banana::p;):banana::banana:
File: Icicle09-14-11
Originally posted by Melodya Helo...
Posted By: psycedelic
Originally posted by Melodya Helo, sorry but the addon doesnt show in my game. it shows icicle in addon button in character selection. In game, in the interface>>addon, there is no icicle there. hmm, sorry if i sounds noobie, but how to exactly use this addon? thanks. That is correct, there is no ingame settings for this yet...
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks09-13-11
Re: Font Outline
Posted By: psycedelic
Originally posted by Flarin Would you consider adding an option to add an outline to the font being used? I turn off the chat backgrounds and this makes it much easier to read. I usually just add the code to do so with each upgrade of ElvUI but this would be awesome as an option here. really nice idea idd! since i dont use th...
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks09-13-11
Its working now!
Posted By: psycedelic
Love you man... this add-on now officially rocks :> Many many thanks!
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks09-13-11
Originally posted by Lockslap Its...
Posted By: psycedelic
Originally posted by Lockslap Its due to the hook used by the Split Text feature, which I have been unable to get working, so am removing, which will correct the issue. Look for the fix in version 1.3.1 being released in about 60 seconds. EDIT Fix is posted, install like any other addon and you should be all set. By the way,...
File: ElvUI_ChatTweaks09-13-11
Hmm very nice addon..
Posted By: psycedelic
But... i cant use /focus with elvui now with this extra addon... And i know this is the problem because it worked before i added this addon today/night :) Would be a shame not be able to use this because i rather use my /focus more then extra cool looking chat thingys :P
File: Atemi - Enemy Cooldown Tracker09-04-11
Changing the Icons for this addon..
Posted By: psycedelic
i Strongly suggest you download some icon pack from wowi if you want to change how the icons look like when you use Atemi :) I downloaded "Clean Icons - Square" so it would fit my Elvui alot more Here is a screenshot with Elvui and Elvui Nameplates and Atemi (+Clean Icons - square / addon/icon pack) http://img405.imageshack....
File: Atemi - Enemy Cooldown Tracker08-21-11
Posted By: psycedelic
DUUUUUDDDE This one rock the shit out of icicle and works even better for me with Elvui! REALLY AMAZING WORK.... I ADORE YOUR WORK!!!!! I send you thousend of Pride rainbow hearths!!!
File: EavesDrop07-30-11
lua error (using tukui>Elvui)
Posted By: psycedelic
Message: ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_CombatLog\Blizzard_CombatLog.lua:2319: attempt to compare number with nil Time: 07/30/11 14:47:00 Count: 3 Stack: ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_CombatLog\Blizzard_CombatLog.lua:2319: in function `CombatLog_OnEvent' Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua:436: in function `?' ...rop\libs\CallbackHandler-...