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File: ConsolePort10-16-15
You're awesome!
Posted By: Plexiswe
Hey, just wanted to say that I really love this addon, and addons that have this kind of thought put into them, especially with the last update where some things I felt were missing were implemented, so yeah thanks for your efforts and for making this addon <3 This and ElvUI are now my most favorite addons because of how thought thro...
File: SnailUI06-03-15
Shame :<
Posted By: Plexiswe
There is currently no way to do this except disable everything except the action bars in SnailUI. Alright, that's a shame, thank you very much for your fast reply though :)
File: SnailUI05-30-15
Actionbar shape for ElvUI?
Posted By: Plexiswe
Hey, I know you've had this question many times, or at least similar ones, but no one seems interested in integrating your action bars into other addons, so my question is, do you know if it is possible to get my ElvUI action bar buttons to be rectangular like yours? I've used ElvUI for so many years I couldn't stop using it, so i...
File: NiceAutoChannel03-07-15
Posted By: Plexiswe
Hi, I like the idea of this addon and I'd like to use it, but the main reason I'd want this addon is to not accidently whisper people in other whisper tabs that I do not have focused at the moment, but I can't seem to get it working as it should so it just types in /s whenever I'm in a whisper tab. I've tried disabling all other a...
File: DecUI02-28-15
Hi, could you possibly upload your...
Posted By: Plexiswe
Hi, could you possibly upload your edited ncHoverName to Curse or here on WoWInterface as a fan update or something? the last update here is from 2010 and doesn't allow target of target :)
File: Daily To Do12-19-14
Thank you!
Posted By: Plexiswe
Thank you so much for updating this! been waiting for some kind of update/replacement for ages! :banana: If this is the same code as DailyCheckList used I hope you managed to find a way to avoid the overlapping text entries bug DCL had. Anyways thanks! :)
File: Peddler (Junk seller)07-03-14
ElvUI compatibility
Posted By: Plexiswe
I quickly grew in love with this addon! It is SO helpful. But I am sad that the coins don't seem to show with ElvUI. I use their whole UI skinning, included their integrated bags. I double checked my settings for the buttons to add items to my sell list, and the coins will not show on anything, even on grey items. Otherwise it wo...
File: BAD UI11-10-11
The KgPanels artwork in this UI is...
Posted By: Plexiswe
The KgPanels artwork in this UI is made by a Death Knight called mbXtreme, you can find his UI videos on youtube if you search "mbXtreme ui" I think it's quite bad of you not to give him credits for the lovely artworks he've made... (mbXtreme's UI is discontinued due to him no longer playing):( Edit: this entire UI actually look...
File: Dominos07-03-11
Disappointed @ Latest Update
Posted By: Plexiswe
Originally posted by Tuller Sounds like you disabled Dominos_Config. No i haven't, i'm not that dumb lol, i made a clean install and removed variables etc, still nothing :confused:
File: Dominos06-30-11
Disappointed @ Latest Update
Posted By: Plexiswe
Hello, Can anyone help me with this problem please? I cannot Right-Click, nor type /dominos to show the pop-up menu window, therefore i can't make my UI look the way it used to, before this damn 4.2 patch. :mad: So, could anyone please tell me if it's me being blind, maybe i've missed some big CAPS'ed text where it says "DOMINO...