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File: Outfitter10-13-10
Re: Outfittere now on 4 Live
Posted By: Ibraha
Originally posted by Abacinate Hi I am at 5.01 but and it seems to load fine but when I click on the various sets I have nothing happens. it seems like it recognizes the slots etc as when i click onthe different sets the checkmark moves to a question mark but nothing actually happens I'm having the same problem. Also it...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-26-10
This is by far the cleanest, effici...
Posted By: Ibraha
This is by far the cleanest, efficient, beautiful, and funnest UI I have ever tried. I do have one question though. Whenever I try and open my spell book and click on a spell, it says "Supervillain has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI." Not sure whats causing this, any help?
File: ElenIU08-17-10
I too cannot see my pet frame or ta...
Posted By: Ibraha
I too cannot see my pet frame or target of target. Edit: I Just installed the oUF by itself and everything shows up now. :)