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File: FlyoutButton Custom04-30-12
using elvui , bartender4 and button...
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using elvui , bartender4 and buttonforge. the button forge buttons do not show an arrow to add extra buttons to them , they used to with the old version of FBC i was using am i doing something wrong ? i am opening the spell book expecting to be able to add flyouts
File: Bartender403-19-11
I seem to be having a problem with...
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I seem to be having a problem with the bonus action bar not showing up anywhere is this something I have broken? I thought it would be mapping to the vehicle bar but doesn't seem to for a few of the quests it is needed for.
File: LUI v310-13-10
For those of you that think that mo...
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For those of you that think that most of the addons are already updated Good luck go do your QQing elsewhere , fact is that most of them are not , even the ones that say they are have been rushed out so the snivelling pissants have something on patch day LUI has always been of the highest quality and even if Loui did go back t...
File: Stuffing08-18-10
Re: New bags and Bank bags
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to equip new bags , right click on the "x" that closes your bags , from the drop down select show bags , then drop your new bag onto an empty slot like you do with the normal interface to find the price of your next bank bag slot, in the chat text input box type -: /stuffing purchase to buy bank bag slots type -: /st...