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File: tomQuest204-18-09
uid 13234 objective: 1 objective:...
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uid 13234 objective: 1 objective: 1 tomquest2.questsObjectives.qType :player tomquest2.questsObjectives.desc :0
File: tomQuest204-16-09
trying this addon as replacement fo...
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trying this addon as replacement for questfu gettting this error upon login : tomQuest2-108\core.lua:518: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'nNeed' (a nil value) tomQuest2-108\core.lua:779: in function `addQuestObjective' tomQuest2-108\core.lua:1042: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-3:146: in function <...Tom\libs\C...
File: Cork04-16-09
Just wondering if you were consider...
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Just wondering if you were considering implementing a dual-spec option, perhaps just a keybinding or such to switch between a profile such as dps/tank etc..
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)03-27-09
sorry for this question, but I can'...
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sorry for this question, but I can't read code very well(or at all fro that matter), but what does Stuf use to identify frames?.. PlayerFrame.. StufPlayer...? Thanks
File: ag_UnitFrames03-26-09
I'm sure this is addressed somewher...
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I'm sure this is addressed somewhere, but I will ask again anyways :D I would really like to somehow put the frilly border around the elite/rare mobs. I always seem to miss the text saying ELITE!.. is this possible?
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons v1.9 Release Candidate 803-25-09
I realize that this may seem quite...
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I realize that this may seem quite trivial, but how? do you get to enter text into the group box?.. I am only able to enter information into the Profiles box... I am using the latest release and no other add-ons are loaded. I Make a group with one spell "heal,HolyLight,*" copy it, but there is no way to paste it into the group box...
File: oUF_Nivaya03-24-09
Target offset
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I love these frames, but I am unable to locate the offset for the target frame.. I can only get player frame moved into the top left, leaving the target in the top right.. i would like the frames to be much closer together. I understand that they are linked, but where is the offset? I can only find for ToT, focus, pet I am using...
File: Cork11-10-08
I'm pretty dense
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I am not sure I am understanding how to implement this.. (do I need to know LUA?..if so I am in real trouble) running my warrior, I would want it to remind me that my battle shout is down, my demo is down, and my TC needs refreshing.. is this the mod that I am looking for?.. but it is not possible to cast these in combat using th...
File: NameViolation10-16-08
Nameviolation failure
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Nameviolation has ceased to work in 3.02 .. will we see an update? :banana:
File: FuBar - Compass04-30-08
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friggin sweet:banana:
File: AuctionFilterPlus02-01-08
error messages
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Receive this upon starting a search.. then unable to access any items in AH Date: 2008-02-01 08:47:26 ID: 51 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...rface\AddOns\AuctionFilterPlus\AuctionFilterPlus.lua line 466: attempt to index local 'buttonHighlight' (a nil value) Debug: : ? ...rface\AddOns\AuctionFilter...
File: Gatherer02-01-08
Gatherer no longer records data
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Gatherer does not seem to record any data for me. It would not record a node, and with WOWHeadDB installed, it does not record any node data.
File: RecapFu08-17-06
when possible to get a Fubar 2.0 co...
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when possible to get a Fubar 2.0 compatible ?
File: FuBar 3.6.505-28-06
I receive the error fubar compat-1....
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I receive the error fubar compat-1.0.lua:1306: attempt too index field 'frame' ( a nil value) upon logging in. What is causing this please?
File: FuBar 3.6.505-15-06
I am receiving this error upon log...
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I am receiving this error upon logging in FubarPlugin.lua:1531 Fubar_SEAura:you must provide a fucompatible field any ideas?
File: SmartBuff04-04-06
Smartbuff.lua:80 attempt to index g...
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Smartbuff.lua:80 attempt to index global 'SmartBuffOptionsMinimapButton (a nil value) and then Smartbuff.lua;1137 attempt to index global SMARTBUFF_options ( a nil value) when right clicking button. this only occurs with paladin and warrior logins