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File: Tidy Plates Beta09-01-10
Very fast question, Currently, n...
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Very fast question, Currently, non-targeted Enemy player nameplates (arenas, battlegrounds, world PvP) do not display casting bars, when a spell is being cast. Will this be an upcoming feature of Tidy Plates? Cheers, and thanks a lot for this awesome addon (God, I hate default nameplates!!). TeÓ.
File: AloftCastWarning (Beta)08-23-10
First off, thanks a lot for your ef...
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First off, thanks a lot for your efforts and time spent developing this addon. It was always been my favorite. I play PvP, a lot. I really mean it, a LOT of PvP. In case you were not around in The Burning Crusade Aloft team (I didnt take the time to research you, sorry!), all player nameplates displayed a castbar by default. I nev...