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File: OPie08-30-10
The key binding to open the ring wa...
Posted By: Pfau
The key binding to open the ring was alt+5. Its contents were warlock stones, demons, macros to open certain windows and equipment sets. The macros were to open bags, character pain and talents. Everything was working fine until I tried to make the macro ring. After that time it wouldn't allow me into the subrings. It would simp...
File: OPie08-29-10
Re: Re: Re: Consumables Ring
Posted By: Pfau
No, I didn't start trying to click things until it stopped working. I was able to use it succesfully for about 5 min and then idk wtf happened but it stopped working.
File: OPie08-23-10
Posted By: Pfau
I am nesting rings and it is not allowing me to select any but the first icon in the ring. This problem persists even when opie is the only addon enabled. This worked initially but when I started adding scripts to toggle game windows it broke. Even after I removed the slice with the script ring the problem persisted.