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File: MasterShapeShifter09-27-12
I add stacks track in beta8. I'll...
Posted By: Vegetto82
I add stacks track in beta8. I'll think about the ability layout after lv90. I worry there's no enough place to put all the useful abilities. Thanks for the lacerate stack tracking,well if it gets too crowded with icons no good either,the layout is perfect,atleast for me anyway.
File: MasterShapeShifter09-26-12
Awesome addon many thanks,just what...
Posted By: Vegetto82
Awesome addon many thanks,just what i need for tracking everything but the best part is the savage defense tracker (one for 6sec duration and above the 9sec cd). One thing can somehow lacerate stacks be tracked,because i can't see stack tracker only the DoT cooldown. By the way do you plan to add more cooldowns (survival instincts,ba...
File: Factionizer beta06-10-12
Lua Error
Posted By: Vegetto82
Message: :1: attempt to call global 'FIZ_OnUpdate' (a nil value) Time: 06/10/12 14:26:37 Count: 5000 Stack: : in function `FIZ_OnUpdate' :1: in function <:1> I get this error when login with the newest version you uploaded,can you look into it thank you.