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File: TipTac11-30-11
Problem with Recount Frames!
Posted By: Metallforest
Dude, i have a little issue with the Recount addon. Whenever i place the mouse cursor over any infobar of Recount the tooltip appears and stays behind of the Recount frames and i can't get to read any of it. Is there a way to fix this via LUA editing? Some code to change, so i can place the tooltip topmost of all the game frames....
File: Combuctor01-15-11
Side Tabs Side
Posted By: Metallforest
I have a simple question. :) In the pictures you show of the addon the side tabs on the character inventory are on the right side of the bag frame, so here is my question: how can i do that?. My tabs are on the left side and i need them to be on the other side of the frame...
File: Tidy Plates: Starcraft12-05-10
Posted By: Metallforest
Hey i have a question but not about the addon. :confused: the question is which are the names of the other addons that appear on the screenshots?, those you use for the player and target frames, the chat box, map, buff, buttons...you know, the other ones.:p Thanks, this is a real nice theme, i'm a big starcraft fan and really enjo...