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File: AI-Art Icons10-16-10
Player icon problems
Posted By: Keias
I keep getting a problem with raid player icons showing up as big gradient squares instead of the little dots before. It kind of covers too much space and I can't see objectives. If I could be pointed to which files I can remove to to get rid of them, I'd be very grateful. Example here: http://imgur.com/GVahs.jpg
File: Shadowed Unit Frames05-24-09
After looking more into the problem...
Posted By: Keias
After looking more into the problem I was having with the Raid/Party frames, I noticed it only shows both when there's a 5 man raid or less. Once a sixth joins, the party frames hide like they're set to.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames05-23-09
Hide Party while in raid isn't work...
Posted By: Keias
Hide Party while in raid isn't working for me. When I uncheck and recheck on my alt, it hides it fine. When i'm on my main, it keeps the party there regardless.