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File: NPC Silencer German06-15-08
If only I was female
Posted By: Zeyr
I'd have your babies for making this. :)
File: FuBar - Compass06-05-08
Bloody Well Done Man!
Posted By: Zeyr
No other FuBaR add-on is as helpful, streamlined, or beautiful as this one is. I've been complaining about the lack of a true compass since I joined and here you dose my flames. Beautiful artwork to get it done and it works like a pro. I think I'm falling in love.
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu06-06-07
Massive Errors
Posted By: Zeyr
I upgraded today and whenever I moue over the screen freezes and then i get a blank box that won't go away and an lua error. I can screenshot the lua error for you if you want to see it. Not sure how to be more specific other then I have to disabled it or I can't keep playing.