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File: Power Auras Classic10-14-10
Just found the Eclipse Power Auras...
Posted By: Munchz
Just found the Eclipse Power Auras and it is just amazing One problem though, I can't seem to get the numbers to show up so all I get are the moon/sun circles. No numbers are displaying at all for me, is this how it is for everyone or am I doing something wrong?
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)09-17-10
reflux not working
Posted By: Munchz
I tried /reflux switch Shadowmage - Ghostlands or any combination of the reflux you have listed below. None work and I have tried all of the ways to fix this below. I can't figure out why nothing is falling into place, it is just one big glob at the middle of my screen and when I type /reflux switch Shadowmage or any of the combinati...