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File: LUI v310-27-10
Wow... that sounds incredibly aweso...
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Wow... that sounds incredibly awesome! :eek: :banana::banana:
File: LUI v310-24-10
Originally posted by loui Develop...
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Originally posted by loui Development Status: Everything is done except oUF. So today is sunday and i have to work tommorrow.. so i cannot work longer than 1:00 AM... oUF means a lot of work so i guess LUI v3.3 Beta will be ready within the week. Great! :D Must feel good to be almost done with this giant upgrade. I'm very much...
File: LUI v310-23-10
Originally posted by artist2011 g...
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Originally posted by artist2011 god, i love it. loui send us news via his new personal assistant. i really appreciate that! -.- Yeah, really nice! :rolleyes:
File: LUI v310-13-10
Yeah, pretty much, I'm thinking the...
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Yeah, pretty much, I'm thinking the same. It really sucks to not have a proper working UI, but oh well... :(
File: LUI v309-28-10
You know, when I look at LUI v3:...
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You know, when I look at LUI v3: http://s.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw38830.png And then look back at v2: http://www.egger-web.at/1680_idle2.jpg I must say I still like v2 better... the design was just so flawless and calm. v3 feels like "too much". Oh well... looking forward to v4!