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Grid at Chimaeron!
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I have run on to a bit of a snag at the Chimaeron encounter in Blackwing Descent. Basically, as a raid healer I need to make sure that everyone is above 10k health due to the encounter mechanics. I usually have health deficit shown as center text, but for this occasion to keep track of who to heal, I want to see their current...
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Re: Re: Create several windows
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Originally posted by p3lim I don't have time helping you create what you desire, however, here are some links to layouts what do that you want: Those are great layouts, but it's not completely what I desire. Those layouts autosort items into "right" bags. I want to create my own separate windows, with a locked amount of spa...
File: Backpack09-20-10
Create several windows
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Great layout, however! I have a question / request. Is it possible to, instead of having one window with all bagslots, create "virtual" bags with the stock of bagslots you have? For instance, creating a separate window with 16 slots, one with 8, one with 4, ect, leaving the remainder of slots in a "general" bag or whatever? If you...