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File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix10-17-10
SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix 3
Posted By: survivorx
I just uploaded a fix (nr. 3) for the "weird comments in chat window". I used them for debugging and forgot to remove them. :D "SuperDuperMacro-1.8.3\SuperDuperMacro.lua:1481: attempt to index global 'arg1' (a nil value)" is fixed in fix 2. SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix 3 includes fix 1 and 2. http://www.wowinterface.com/downl...
File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix10-12-10
Re: =\
Posted By: survivorx
Works for me in Cataclysm beta. You macro might do something BlizZzard doesn't like. http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/4161/wowscrnshot101210180144.jpg
File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix09-27-10
It makes SuperDuperMacro work on PT...
Posted By: survivorx
It makes SuperDuperMacro work on PTR and most likely Cataclysm when it's live. It does not fix anything. It does not add features. It just makes it work on WoW 4.x as it now works on 3.3.5.