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File: oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition)03-01-14
Posted By: Nihillistic
Is there a way to move the unit frames without having to go into the .lua? I tried doing /diablo unlockunits as prompted when typing /diablo but it seems to have no actual effect. I love the look and feel of the addon but unless I really want to be able to change the positions of the unitframes.
File: ElvUI09-29-10
Hey Elv love the UI. My main is a p...
Posted By: Nihillistic
Hey Elv love the UI. My main is a pally and I was wondering... is there a way to quick switch between the dps and healer layouts? I like both of them but it's annoying to switch between the two by logging out/changing addon/logging in. Thanks! - Nihillistic