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File: dNamePlates03-20-11
thank you for this addon!
Posted By: demonolithic
thank you for this addon!
File: QuestGuru12-10-10
Re: Another mass reply
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Originally posted by mrobrian Completing quests from the tracker, while possible, is not always highly noticeable. I am considering making my tracker just a modification of Blizzard's (to look as close to my current one as possible) that way all of their crazy stuff will work just fine. excellent! thanks again for this mod....
File: QuestGuru12-09-10
just loaded up your mod for a looks...
Posted By: demonolithic
just loaded up your mod for a looksee.. very impressive! if this feature request is already made then i'll delete this post but: in a future release can there be a place to click on the tracker like the small "?" on the blizz tracker? would be nice to have the tracker switch to that objective to display the goto arrow on the...
File: CLC DK12-08-10
the GCD spiral added in is DELICIOU...
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the GCD spiral added in is DELICIOUS!!!
File: DocsNameplates11-26-10
hello again. :o feature request...
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hello again. :o feature request here and as always thank you for your work. turning of the health text completely. having debuffs displayed on the left side. kudos:eek:
File: DocsNameplates10-22-10
feature request. : ) anyway to i...
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feature request. : ) anyway to implement a way to have health percent text be a steady color? white with the thin outline would work very well. would make the text very visible as contrast to the health bar. also i am experiencing the same bug as listed below. though in all honesty i have yet to see it with all other mods of...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-21-10
SATRINA!!! Have my babies!...
Posted By: demonolithic
SATRINA!!! Have my babies! ...and thank you for being so awesome for making this mod as well as keeping it going. i lubz youz!
File: CLC DK10-20-10
howdy :) running into a small lo...
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howdy :) running into a small low priority bug with the disease trackers. i currently have everything except the priority frame turned off but anytime i log in the disease trackers are always showing. once i target something i can go into combat with though they will go away like i have it set to. if i target anything friendly the...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-17-10
currently the &my part of the spell...
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currently the &my part of the spell filter doesn't appear to work. makes disease/poison tracking rather cumbersome. if this is included in the known issue of buffs/debuffs not displaying correctly then my apologies for the post. love this addon more then any other i use and just want to help if i can.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-12-10
no SBF makes me cry. your mod is so...
Posted By: demonolithic
no SBF makes me cry. your mod is so awesome and so required by my UI now i've come here to beg for your 4.0 version. /begs even if it's still a beta version i'm still begging. : p