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File: Auto Buy Reagents04-13-09
Originally posted by aardvarkfarm...
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Originally posted by aardvarkfarm Is there any way to make this work with rogue poisons? For that matter, are more than 3 options even possible? It's possible. I've pinged the author of this addon to see if he's still updating it or not. I've done the reagent research to figure out which poisons and such per level, just would...
File: Auto Buy Reagents03-17-09
Death Knight fix.
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To make ABR work for our DKs: navigate to the addon folder: (C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\AutoBuyReagents) Open AutoBuyReagents.lua in notepad. Replace line 2 & 3 with the following: local indexTable = { "DEATHKNIGHT", "DRUID", "HUNTER", "MAGE", "PALADIN", "PRIEST", "ROGUE", "SHAMAN", "WARLOCK", "WARRIOR" }; loca...
File: FuBar - GuildFu09-21-07
GuildFU and calling GuildRoster every 15 secs.
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I was looking at your code and found that you setup a repeating scheduled event to call GuildRoster() every 15 secs. I was curious on your reasoning behind that. Would it not be easier to refresh the guild info when the GUILD_UPDATE is called by people logging in? And then if you feel the need, to do it on mouse-over or OnShow...
File: Relational DKP09-20-07
Originally posted by Geboran I lo...
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Originally posted by Geboran I love the idea of this addon for DKP management, but see no documentation regarding how you might display information on a guild's website if they so chose to. Any plans of implementing some sort of Export feature (similar to what CT_RaidTracker used to do) for this addon? Sorry... Yes I have an...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-29-07
Originally posted by conkleb I fo...
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Originally posted by conkleb I found out how to fix the bar not spanning the full width of the screen - in the saved variables folder, in fubar.lua there's a line that reads: = 1, I found that on my laptop this number was 0.72999999999... When I changed it to 1 everything worked fine. Awesome... I looked there and found it...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-24-07
Re: Short bars
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Originally posted by conkleb Fubar loads fine for me but the bars only span about 2/3 of the display. I normally use only one bar at the top of the screen but now both top and bottom bars are short. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I have the UI shrunk down some but this never affected Titan this way. The bar would always go compl...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-23-07
Originally posted by LSG I even w...
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Originally posted by LSG I even went to Wowace and downloaded the latest (beta?) version. No dice. DL'd the latest ACE2.. still nada. Get a wierd ACE error, too. He's made some more changes on the bleeding edge version, and most of my issues went away.
File: wowsv.py01-23-07
Awesome tool...
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unfortunately, it's broken in wow 2.x so has required some modification. I'm in the midst of cleaning it up and I'll have a patch posted w/ the update.
File: Guild Inventory01-23-07
Sorry if I'm being pesty.
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I've posted to your forums thread here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7955 I have yet another update. I have a python script (and win32 EXE) that seems to work as a very basic HTML updater. (Stole my export code for my addon Relational DKP.) Let me know if you want me to send it your direction.
File: Relational DKP01-02-07
Re: Mathematics
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Originally posted by Kaelum Hey Shazear, Over time, your system would suffer from the same issues of other systems as old timers will have huge amounts of DKP and new members will have very low GRs. This will result in new players getting almost anything that they want and old timers getting in very little. However, I think us...
File: Relational DKP11-30-06
Re: More Questions/Suggestions again lol
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Originally posted by Mindleglalaxy 2: Is it possible to have a field like Name etc but one that is Class. I don't know if this is pointless as the above imo should work and I think its just me doing something wrong. But this would still give a quick glimpse to let others see or know who would have priority for their class (more...
File: Relational DKP11-27-06
Re: More Questions lol
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Originally posted by Mindleglalaxy Hi, Me again lol. Just have some suggestions and questions I would like answered pls. 1: What is TBCD button used for as can't find any info on what it does? TBD = To be determined. It doesn't actually do anything yet. W/ the next version, it will actually do something for the guild off...
File: Relational DKP11-24-06
Re: Error with newest version
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Originally posted by Mindleglalaxy Hi, I just downloaded the newest version while writing my comments the problem is I keep getting these error constantly and needed to disable the addon :-(. We are raiding this weekend so hope you can help with the error or let me know if I may have done something wrong as trying to re...
File: Relational DKP11-23-06
Re: Questions
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Originally posted by Mindleglalaxy 1: When we do a /rdkp_resetall nothing seems to reset and I am the Guild Leader as well as Raid Leader. At this time reset all actually just resets all the settings back to the defaults which are hard-coded. There is a function for resetting the transaction register, however I didn't expose i...
File: Relational DKP11-15-06
Re: Where does this track its data?
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Originally posted by SifOfSwC More importantly, say we have multiple raid leaders. How can the priority data be shared? Nice, BTW. Thank you. I'm pleased w/ how it's come around. Data is stored locally per-character in most cases, however there is some data that is per-account. Then data is shared via the Addon channels...