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Re: monk
Posted By: Vipera Berus
i dont know if your still updating this but for monk it show red for leather items, cloth is normal though. Would be nice if you update it.I'm actually not playing any more, but simply adding monk to the list of classes shouldn't be too risky, without being able to actually test it ;)
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Sorry that I took it so long to ans...
Posted By: Vipera Berus
Sorry that I took it so long to answer. Well, scratch that lag part of it, but there's a freeze occasionally (for quite few seconds) when getting NPC to give you a quest with rewards in it, game freezes till all items get their info for addon I assume. Aint happening with addon off. Have you tried with all other addons disabled?...
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Originally posted by Kramarz Lags...
Posted By: Vipera Berus
Originally posted by Kramarz Lags and freezes tho :-) Could you be more specific? I can't see any way the few functions I use for this addon can generate any lag ;) I'm inclined to believe its another addon you have thats the culprit.