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File: DerpyUI (alpha)12-20-11
when updating for fixes?
Posted By: Airoz
Hello, When you have a updated version of your ui, do we still follow the instructions on the main page? Just wondering :) Btw, great UI, love it! :)
File: deeui09-06-11
Hey, I've been trying to get ont...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, I've been trying to get onto WoW, using your UI, but im getting an problem that I don't have a WoW game hooked to my account, when I do... Is your account a EU Server account? Cuz I've had a problem with someone else's UI cuz of that... How can I make it work on the US Server account? Thanks
File: Fundamental UI07-29-11
Will this work in 1366X768
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, im just wondering if this could work in the resolution of 1366X768, with maybe some fixing up? It looks awesome and would like to try it out
File: CoderSuite05-12-11
Hey, just wondering, when you ch...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, just wondering, when you change your party to a raid, can you not set yourself as master looter and have someone else master loot the items, or is it stuck as is? Thanks
File: Curetia UI 504-26-11
Hey, i'm just wondering... Befor...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, i'm just wondering... Before 4.1, the ui was working perfectly (which I like a lot, keep it up :) ), but since the patch, it's not working... Like i mean nothing, as none of the ui's features isn't there... What should I do? A Clean reinstall or do i need to switch over the profiles to what you have included in the ui?...
File: RealUI01-31-11
Re: Re: Re: Your Center Unit Frames?
Posted By: Airoz
Originally posted by Nibelheim Hmm, it'd be messy, as the Unit Frame Overlay is a part of nibRealUI, which provides a hell of a lot more, as well as a lot of hidden functions that manage RealUI. There's always oUF_Real. Not quite as nice ;) but standalone :) That's an idea :) Thanks
File: RealUI01-30-11
Your Center Unit Frames?
Posted By: Airoz
Hey Nib, I'm just wondering, is there a way to use your center unit frames, in a different UI? Jw
File: lumUI01-19-11
Hey, btw Great UI, just started usi...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, btw Great UI, just started using it :) 2 Questions... how can I extend the amount of bars on the bottom of the UI, from 1 to 3? and do we need to download the oUF_Lumen Config file to our World of warcraft folder, inorder for the changes to work, if so, where should I put it in? Thanks, and keep up the good work :) A...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-16-10
Hey, i just started using this UI,...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, i just started using this UI, btw, it's awesome :) One question, how can I access the second and third bars when I change the actionbars to "Evil Artillery"? Thanks
File: RealUI11-16-10
After I installed today's patch, my...
Posted By: Airoz
After I installed today's patch, my ui got drastically bigger than what I originally have it... Is there something wrong with the Ui Scale or the UI itself?...
File: AftermathhUI10-29-10
My ForteXorcist's Spell Timers aren...
Posted By: Airoz
My ForteXorcist's Spell Timers aren't working at all... When I put a DoT on a Target, it never shows it on the timer's area.. Help plz EDIT: Got it working, forgot to do something... lol
File: Caith UI10-24-10
Originally posted by Arthek Also,...
Posted By: Airoz
Originally posted by Arthek Also, the CD timers above my healthbar are semi covered underneath the bar, cant see the timer properly. I found the problem about this just now :) Go to your power auras classic (/powa) (if you still have it), and then go to the Global Effects and find your class. Click the one you want to fix...
File: RealUI10-22-10
Hey, I just downloaded the 0.6.1 u...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey, I just downloaded the 0.6.1 update and did all the steps When i go into the Account folder in the World of Warcraft Folder, it has two accounts, one under my name, and then the other one named "ACCOUNTNAME" Should I just copy and paste everything to the ACCOUNTNAME folder and change the name of it or what should i do?...
File: RealUI10-21-10
Warlock: -Affliction --Shadow E...
Posted By: Airoz
Warlock: -Affliction --Shadow Embrace (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=32392) -Demonology --Molten Core (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=47247) --Decimation (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=63158) -Destruction -- Backdraft (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=47260) -- Burning Embers (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=85112) -- Empowered I...
File: RealUI10-20-10
Originally posted by atum84 sorry...
Posted By: Airoz
Originally posted by atum84 sorry another noob question... how do i see my partymembers in 5-instances(is it different to 10/25 raids?)? In the 5-man instances, they are placed in where the first group line is, where the 10/25 man groups are located (if you haven't moved where your spells/actions are, the 5-man group should be...
File: RealUI10-19-10
Re: Revisions
Posted By: Airoz
Originally posted by Eronian23 With the various revisions, we do not have to do a fresh install do we? For example: r4. I updated most of the mods as they were updated except Skinner (as I remember you saying a while back to never update Skinner cause it could mess things up) However you did add the colors and such which could be c...
File: RealUI10-12-10
Originally posted by Rmog First o...
Posted By: Airoz
Originally posted by Rmog First off - Awesome UI! I was wondering will we be able to use the current UI with the 4.0 patch until your updates come out? I hope so
File: RealUI10-12-10
Hey First off, Love the UI, no p...
Posted By: Airoz
Hey First off, Love the UI, no problems with it :) One question though... I'm playing a Warlock and Blizzard is changing the mechanic for the Soul Shards... Are you going to be having a counter for Warlocks, to know how many Soul Shards they have, or have something showing how many left? It would be greatly appreciated :...