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File: Aloft09-13-13
Re: Release: Aloft-5.2.5-2535
Posted By: WarsongPriest
Hey Acapela! My addon seems to be having trouble detecting and identifying nameplates of cross-realm chars. Blizzard's new mechanic where they add a (*) next to anyones name if they're on another realm from your own calling it "Coalesced" or whatever. Whenever I mouseover these people, the nameplate isn't detected like it usuall...
File: Aloft03-09-13
5.2 update? are there problems w...
Posted By: WarsongPriest
5.2 update? are there problems with Aloft under WoW 5.2? this user doesn't indicate one way or the other... in any event, i am on hiatus (announced earlier), and will remain so for some time. if someone wants to take over Aloft for a while (or permanently), please feel free to contact me. Really sad to hear you're no longer...
File: Aloft03-05-13
Aloft doesn't seem to be saving cla...
Posted By: WarsongPriest
Aloft doesn't seem to be saving class data correctly. It will randomly "forget" the class and I will have to hover over them again to correct it. Just wanted to add that I'm experiencing this problem as well.
File: Aloft11-27-12
Re: Re: 5.1 update
Posted By: WarsongPriest
Help, Blizzard broke all the nameplate addons. Please update for 5.1. Insert sad face here. alright, i will start digging into it (have to update WoW myself first, of course). i will reply here once i understand something about what is going on. Thanks so much for your speedy response, I've used your addon for years and like...
File: Aloft10-12-10
I noticed earlier today when I was...
Posted By: WarsongPriest
I noticed earlier today when I was updating all my addons via Curse Client that the latest version of aloft was available to download on it. I still downloaded from wowinterface but are you using curse again?