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File: Magic Runes11-13-08
I dig the concept of this mod, but...
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I dig the concept of this mod, but there doesn't appear to be any way to configure it. Can you lead me in the right direction?
File: Janitor - Button Cleanup07-31-08
Originally posted by nwkegan Exce...
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Originally posted by nwkegan Excellent idea! I've never been fond of having to drag all of my action buttons off of their hot bars after reinstalling a bar addon. This will come in handy. : D Thank you for the feedback! I've got some plans to take this mod a farther, so stay tuned!
File: Bongos207-11-07
Currently I'm using Bongos2 for my...
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Currently I'm using Bongos2 for my Warrior action bars; I have four bars set up with various macros for solo grinding and damage. What I would like to do is have, on keypress or macropress, two of those bars that are heavily hotkeyed, switch to two separate paged bars containing all of my tanking macros and abilities, but using the s...