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File: Power Auras Classic10-27-10
I know the problem with the high me...
Posted By: sk8nguitar
I know the problem with the high memory usage is already known, but it apparently is the cause of my disconnects. I noticed before 4.0 when I would do things like BGs, Arenas or Raiding I would periodically DC until I completely restarted my computer then it would run ok for a while then start DCing again frequently. I never knew...
File: SnowfallKeyPress10-19-10
Works Fin with 4.0.1
Posted By: sk8nguitar
This addon works perfect with the new patch, just tested it, and seems to work on every bar on bartender. If I remember correctly that seemed to be a problem pre-patch :confused: Anyway give off no errors and works 100% so no need for an update. If you really are OCD about it you can just update the .toc file to the current version.