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File: Book of Crafts03-03-09
Minor bug in addon
Posted By: LordRhys
Not Sure if you check this but no other feedback location was listed. I constantly get an error from this application it is not critical. "BookOfCrafts\\InBank.lua:67: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)\n
File: OmniCC Shine (Deprecated)03-03-09
Constantly get this error message i...
Posted By: LordRhys
Constantly get this error message in Buggrabber, didn't have it with OmniCC Shine 1.0.0 just when I upgraded to 1.0.1 "OmniCC_Shine-1.0.1\\shine.lua:7: Another finish effect is already loaded\nOmniCC_Shine-1.0.1\\shine.lua:7: in main chunk\n\n ---",
File: WeaponRebuff 3.407-06-07
Any chance you can make this availa...
Posted By: LordRhys
Any chance you can make this available via WAU, it's on files.wowace.com but I think you may need to set some external properties in Tortoise so that it can be grabbed properly. Also your missing a lot of the BC buffs ( i.e Fel sharpening and weightstones, Adamantite, Khorium, etc..), I noticed you can manually add them and it works...
File: LightHeaded06-20-07
Newest Lightheaded interface does not get shown with latest QuestFu
Posted By: LordRhys
I am using the latest QuestFu that comes from wowace via WAU, I deleted all the Lightheaded files/folder before installing the latest version which is 135. whenever I click on a quest I am still getting the old Lightheaded interface in which I have to scroll down, If I open the Quest Interface via Blizzards minimenu button I do get t...
File: XBar06-18-07
some bugs found
Posted By: LordRhys
using XBar with a few plugins, for my Hunter initially installed after going to AspectBar page on ui.worldofwar.net to report a problem. Looks like the problem with AspectBar 2.06 also exists with XAspectBar, whenever various cooldown effects go off (I'm guessing from global cooldown) I get SetAttribute errors from all the AspectBar...
File: Fubar_FactionItemsFu04-03-07
FactionItemsFU - Update
Posted By: LordRhys
Hoping to soon Localize some of this, switching to ItemID's instead of item names which will allow users server to display name in users language. Will post as beta once I have conversion ready, may take a while with work load.
File: Fubar_FactionItemsFu02-14-07
Originally posted by Lojan I trie...
Posted By: LordRhys
Originally posted by Lojan I tried to localize for my german client, but failed miserably :D Is there a chance for a localization in other languages? (I'd be willing to provide german translation if needed!) I have the Faction Translations but need the TrackItem list of Items from the locals file in whatever language to be t...
File: WoW UI Designer03-10-06
Originally posted by NatalieFord...
Posted By: LordRhys
Originally posted by NatalieFord Will this, or anything like it, ever be available for the Mac? more than likely only if you get an Intel Mac and load wndows on it