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File: KuiNameplates08-15-13
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I was wondering if there was any way of making the black bar (as the mob is dying and the health is going down, behind it the bar is jjust black) more transparent/see-through ...
File: Bagnon04-26-11
Love it
Posted By: Sassyxo
Really like this bag addon, only thing I am missing from using BaudBag is the ability to seperate the bags, I like the all-in-one but I like to keep my backpack seperate from the other bags... is this a feature you might add soon?
File: Minimap Button Frame01-07-11
Posted By: Sassyxo
Am having an issue w/ this and chinchilla minimap. I have posted a message on chinchilla's comment, but I thought I would here too in case someone reading this, or the author of MBF might have an idea as to why my buttons in MBF are all smashed together and over lapping when I got the chinchilla map addon. I have removed and re-downl...
File: Chinchilla Minimap01-07-11
Posted By: Sassyxo
Just grabbed this addon yesterday, I really like it. One thing though, I noticed when I logged back in after downloading it, that my minimap buttons, which were all smashed together and overlapping each other. I use Minimap button frame, and I would like to be able to continue using that along w/ chinchilla, as I really like it. Is t...
File: wMmap11-21-10
Re: Re: Watchframe
Posted By: Sassyxo
Originally posted by weasoug it will work fine. my tracker is just edited blizzards one, i used to use other so it should be fine I downloaded Seerah's Who Framed Watcher Wabbit, and It wouldnt show up in that frame, it was still in wMmap's tracker frame, and I logged and disabled wMmap, and logged back in and WFWW was working....
File: wMmap11-20-10
Posted By: Sassyxo
Hi. Is there a way I can disable the WatchFrame? I want to use another addon for my quest tracker.
File: QuestClicks11-01-10
Sorry for a silly quetion but how d...
Posted By: Sassyxo
Sorry for a silly quetion but how do you move it? I have it unlocked but cant move it.
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar10-31-10
Be really nice if you could make th...
Posted By: Sassyxo
Be really nice if you could make the timer bars for targets debuff to only show your debuffs on the target not everyone else's in your grp....
File: wMmap10-21-10
Best minimap addon i"ve ever used....
Posted By: Sassyxo
Best minimap addon i"ve ever used. I updated it and now I cant do /wm tec or /wm gloss to change skins. those commands do nothing and I cant figure out how to change it. i hate the default arrow skin :( Help?
File: TradeTabs (WoW v4.0.1)10-17-10
Originally posted by Maziel of co...
Posted By: Sassyxo
Originally posted by Maziel of course not, never did, never will. Was never designed for ATSW. I believe ATSW was asked a few times a long time ago to support it but heard nothing back. Besides, ATSW is so buggy, most of us don't use it any more. Sorry but I am definitely not going to be coding up a version to fit on to...
File: TradeTabs (WoW v4.0.1)10-16-10
This doesnt work w/ advanced trades...
Posted By: Sassyxo
This doesnt work w/ advanced tradeskill window? :(
File: XLoot Monitor (Inactive)10-15-10
Is it possible to show only what yo...
Posted By: Sassyxo
Is it possible to show only what you looted and not everyone in your grp?